fitzsimmons get into heated discussions (read: fights) about pluto’s planetary status all the time

'fitz this attachment you have to a chunk of ice smaller than russia is ridiculous and frankly unscientif-'

'viva la pluto!' fitz shouts as he storms out of the room. simmons turns to whichever one of their teammates has been observing the 'discussion'

'pluto's classification as a planet in the first place is-'

'viva la pluto!' shouts fitz from the next room

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This isn’t freedom. This is fear

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I blended these two screencaps…awww :P

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Scarlett Johansson by Michael Muller

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i just saw pitch perfect for the first time i’m such a loser

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Sherlock : Cheers!!! John!
John : *what’s this…?*

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