Marvel Ladies Meme: [2/2] Objects 

Pepper’s heart necklace

"Near the end of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark has the shrapnel surgically removed from his chest. Then the film cuts away to a scene of Tony placing a necklace, with a heart-shaped pendant, around Pepper Potts’ neck. That piece of jewelry is actually supposed to be made from Tony’s shrapnel fragments that had been recently extracted."

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i have no mirror in my dorm room yet so i applied my eyeliner with my webcam

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Zoe Saldana for the Africa Outreach Project
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Thank you to our incredible #AgentsofSHIELD fans who came bearing gifts for me at #PaleyFest ! I❤️U! #NYC
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Oh come on! What the- OPEN!

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FitzSimmons + height difference

leo-fitz-is-a-gryffindor winning at tagging again: 

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"sherlolly pride and prejudice au" no please don’t

Sherlock isn’t socially awkward, he’s an asshole. He isn’t rude and a jerk because he thinks of his depressed sister at home but just because he really doesn’t like people. He would not be a great landlord and kind to his…

Now molly as darcy and lestrade as lizzy, that i can see

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